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ACCSA Customer Deposit Accounts


What is a Customer Deposit Account?


This is a service by which regular customers deposit money with the Shop. They are then able to make purchases without the hassle of using cash or credit cards.


How does it work exactly?


You open a Deposit Account with us, giving your name, address and contact details. Once you are set up on the till system, you deposit money into your account with cash, a cheque or by debit card. A minimum deposit of £20 will be requested.


When you come into the shop, your purchases will be processed and debited to your account. A receipt is printed which shows you your remaining balance. Please note that a negative amount on the receipt means you are in credit (because the SHOP owes YOU). Once your credit is used up, you need to top up your account again.


The system does rely on the staff/volunteer knowing who you are, or you producing some sort of ID – you wouldn’t want other people using your account!


Members of your family can use the account as long as they have your permission; this will be noted on your account details.


A report showing all the purchases, which have been made against the account can be produced, if requested.


You can of course withdraw part or all the money deposited in your account at any time, should you wish.


What are the advantages?


  • You can pop-in for something even if you have forgotten to bring money/card


  • No need to carry money when walking the dog.


  • Send your children shopping for you - just ask them to bring back a receipt!


  • As a Deposit Account customer you can get cash-back any time WITHOUT having to spend £10 on purchases.


  • So convenient if you just want to pick up your paper.


  • Your deposit balance helps the shop cash situation


  • You can think of it as a loan to help the shop


  • And it all helps the shop to provide a wider range of goods.